Best White Wine Sangria With Triple Sec

Sangria comes in many different flavors and verities. This adult beverage can be made with red or white wine. There is a very tasty recipe for white wine sangria with triple sec that is sure to be a hit.
To make white wine Sangria with triple sec all a person has to do is follow this simple recipe. To make this drink a person is going to need the following:
3 oranges peels and sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 lime, sliced
1 bottle of white wine
2 ounces triple sec
½ liter of ginger ale soda

The orange, lemon ,and lime are place inside of a picture. Once they are in add the wine and the triple sec. stir gently to mix everything up. This should then be chilled in the refrigerator overnight. Before serving the white sangria add the ginger ale.

This white sangria recipe has triple sec so that it is extra tasty and makes this drink a little stronger.